The Bayou Blue Democrats club was launched in late 2017 to increase the number of Democratic voters in our geographic area so that we lead the way in turning Texas blue.

map of precincts included in Bayou Blue Democrats geographical area

Like millions of people all across this country and the world, we were shocked, disappointed and disgusted with the results of the 2016 presidential election.  But being upset with the world rarely leads to progress, which left us with a decision to make.

Looking around, we realized that our geographical area did not have an active and functional Democratic club to help organize and energize voters and Precinct Chairs alike.  And that had to change.

Now several years in, we hold monthly meetings with elected officials, candidates and local experts who speak to our members and guests to both educate and inspire us as we aspire to a more just and equitable society.

More importantly, we are finding and empowering Precinct Chairs to help drive our voter registration efforts and increase the Democratic share of the vote in every election.

We currently represent precincts in Midtown, Montrose, Washington Ave Corridor, River Oaks, Upper Kirby and Memorial Park, but all of our meetings are open to the general public.