Bayou Blue Precincts:

Bayou Blue Precincts Chairs:

30 (Fourth Ward) - Kay Shepard (map)

32 (Midtown) - Joe Mendoza (map)

33 (Wharton ES) - David Hoyer (map)

34 (East Montrose) - Jan Forney (map)

37 (Rudyards) - Luis Adame (map)

38 (Cherryhurst) - Robert Hallenbeck (map)

39 (Menil) - Karla West (map)

40 (Broadacres) - Bebe Burns (map)

52 (Magnolia Grove) - Brian Bottorff (map)

55 (West End) - Howard Watson (map)

60 (Lanier  MS) - Everard (Ev) Santamarina (map)

70 (Memorial Park) - Rufi Natarajan (map)

71 (Cottage Grove) - Kellianne Hill (map)

123 (529 Spur) - Jessica Wiggins (map)

135 (Highland Village) - Leslie Karpas (map)

139 (Upper Kirby) - Aliza Geretz (map)

177 (Highland Village) - VACANT (map) - Precinct Chair Search - 177

178 (Afton Oaks) - Dennis Bascon (map)

200 (River Oaks Theater) - Laura Kamrath (map)

217 (Avalon Place) - Piper Madland (map)

227 (River Oaks East) - Ingrid Bond (map)

233 (Greenway Plaza West) - Poppy Northcott (map)

434 (East Galleria) - David Lee (map)

710 (Rice Military South) - Yvette Pintar (map)

775 (Rice Military North) - Lauren Byrne (map)

886 (Buffalo Heights) - VACANT (map) - Precinct Chair Search - 886

895 (Poe ES) - Mary Nugent (map)

896 (Museum District) - Linda Cryer (map)

937 (Greenway Plaza East) - Jerry Wald (map)

Precinct Chairs are one of the most important positions in the entire Democratic Party.

  • A Precinct Chair is a Democratic Party Official at the LOCAL level elected by Democratic voters to serve as the party leader of their precinct.
  • Precinct Chairs Identify, Register, Educate & Turn-out Democratic voters in their Precinct.
  • Precinct Chairs also sit on the County Executive Committee (CEC), which conducts the local business of the Party.

Precinct Chair Qualifications:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Be a qualified voter who has voted in the latest Democratic primary (not counting runoffs) in the voting year. (If not, a Democratic OATH may be signed and the Vacancy Committee may decide)
  • Be a resident of the precinct from which he or she is seeking election (see map below)
  • Not be a candidate for - or holder of - an elective office of the federal, state, or county government
  • Ideally, have both Internet, e-mail capabilities and basic computer skills


Live in a Precinct without a Precinct Chair?  Contact us to learn more about becoming a Precinct Chair

Live in a Precinct with a Precinct Chair?  Contact us to get connected with your Precinct Chair.

For information on Precinct Chair vacancies outside our club area & to apply to be a Precinct Chair: HCDP Become a Precinct Chair